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Hiki Ndicho Chanzo Cha Bifu la Vera na Huddah.

Mrembo kutokea pande za Mombasa nchini kenya, Vera Sidika ametoa sababu ya kuwa na bifu na mlimbwende mwenzake wa nchini humo, Huddah Monroe, bifu ambalo limeteka vyombo vya habari kwa muda mrefu Akifunguka kwenye FNL ya East Africa Tv na Radio, Vera Sidika amesema wakati yeye akiwa Mombasa, Huddah Monroe tayari alishakuwa maarufu jijini Nairobi, lakini alipoenda ingawa walianza kwa kuwa marafiki, lakini baadaye Huddah alionyesha kutopenda uwepo wa Vera jijini Nairobi, kwani alihisi anamchukulia nafasi yake kwenye kazi. “Bifu ambayo yeye anayo ilikuwa yeye amekuwa Nairobi na tayari alishakuwa star, na mimi nikatoka Mombasa nikaja Nairobi, ikawa kama nimeingilia career yake, ikawa anaaza bifu leo, anaanza kesho sasa inachosha, sasa mi nasemaga mambo kama hayo sitaki lakini anayaleta tu”, alisema Vera Sidika. Vera aliendelea kusema kuwa kitendo hicho yeye hakipendi, hasa pale inapofikia hatua ya kuchafuana kwenye mitandao kwa kutoleana habari za uongo, akitolea mfano wa hivi karibuni wa Hudda kumtangaza kuwa yeye ni muathirika wa Ukimwi.

SHOCKING! 19 years old Tanzanian lesbian confesses she has slept with 40 women, half of which are married.

A 19-year-old self-confessed lesbian has revealed that she has bedded more than 40 women, with 20 of his estimate being people’s wives. Malkia Said, better known by the pseudonym Malkies, confessed to Tanzania’s Risasi that she was busted performing unnatural sexual acts with someone’s wife, and the aggrieved husband cut her hair. Malkia’s sexual orientation became too known in Dar es Salaam, with residents claiming she posed a serious threat to marriages. Malkia says she became cognizant of her sexual orientation when she was little, and she would tease her female colleagues time and again. “When I was little, there was a male cousin of mine who was preying on me. He wanted to rape me, but I managed to elude him. When I joined Class Eight, I was taken to a boarding school in Mwanza. I had strong feelings for my female schoolmates. I just wanted to have sex with them,” she told the weekly. Malkia was later transferred to a different boarding school in Kibaha. “One day I fell sick. A friend of mine who was a Zanzibar national pecked me on the cheek. However, we took the peck too far as we found ourselves having sex. That was in 2010,” said Malkia. Malkia recounts she and her friend furthered their act for weeks – and when the school’s administration learnt of their sexual orientation, their relatives were informed. However, they chose to ignore the alarm claiming that their daughters were being falsely accused. Malkia says she thereafter found deep excitement and satisfaction in lesbianism. Her mother later passed on – and in a bid to find solace, she would hook up with women who offered to give her a shoulder to lean on. Many times, she ended up sleeping with the women. However, the society found out about her sexual orientation and expectedly, scowled at her. Malkia – in a bid to communicate that she had changed her ways – started dating men. She dated nearly 20 men but says she did not attain sexual climax with the men, as she did with women. “When my uncle saw me in company of men, he would beat me up – claiming I was too young to involve myself intimately with men. He did not know what I was going through. I could not tell him anyway,” said Malkia. Malkia says she perceived herself to be more mature than her female age mates. In a bid not to lead them astray, she opted to have regular sex with older women. That is when she entangled with someone’s wife living in Magomeni. The Magomeni woman was divorced by her husband when he found out of his wife’s unnatural sexual escapade. “I have slept with more than 20 women who are people’s wives. Most of the women were older than me. Many of the married women pursued me by themselves. The Magomeni woman pursued me for long; at that time I was in a sexual relationship with another woman. “When I broke up with my partner early 2016, I decided to enter a sexual relationship with the Magomeni woman. She is 30 years old. She first lied to me that she was living with her dad. She even took me to her house. However, she later confessed that she was someone’s wife. “When neighbours spotted her with me on several occasions, they tipped her husband off. They said I visited the man’s wife when he was not home. A serious altercation ensued between the woman and her husband. The wife demanded a divorce, and she was given – just because of me,” said Malkia. “We continued with our sexual relationship, even after she divorced. We both lived at her sister’s house in Ubungo. Two weeks later, her sister found out about our activities. She called her kinsmen who beat me up, and even cut my hair. We still continued our sexual relationship, anyway, until recently when we stopped.” Malkia has tried her hand at music and acting, but she flopped. The 19-year-old says her dream sexual partner was her compatriot model and actress Wema Sepetu whom she met at a past function in Arusha. “I did not confess my attraction to her because both of us were tipsy. Were it not for being drunk, I would have told her how she drives me crazy.” Malkia further says she was attracted to females living with albinism. Malkia adds she has come out in public to reveal her “past sexual orientation” because many women are increasingly turning to lesbianism and that poses a threat to social institutions such as marriage and family. She says she wants to put up an organization in Tanzania that would raise awareness against gay relationships.

Kenya’s renowned songstress Avril reveals why she broke up with her fiancée.

Celebrated Kenyan songstress Avril says she felt emotionally distanced from her fiancé, prompting her to take a break from music – and to even call off her wedding plans. In an exclusive interview on Citizen Television’s 10Over10 programme, Avril told host Willis Raburu that since the demise of her dad in March, 2016, she felt withdrawn from a lot of activities and relations that require emotions. Such activities enlisted by Avril include romantic relationship, music among others. “I have been quiet because after I lost my dad earlier this year, I decided to take some time off being in an emotional relationship. I was not in the state of mind and heart to plan my wedding and so I decided to put it aside,” she intimated, amid fear that blogs would misquote her. Nonetheless, Avril took time to commit herself to acting and drama. A venture she is very passionate about. “Other than music, I am an actress in a local soap, Sumu la Penzi that airs on Maisha Magic East,” she said.

Celebrated Kenyan gospel artist Bahati finally say “yes I do” in a glamorous secret wedding (PHOTO)

It seems like 2016 is all about tying the knot for most people. Celebrities from left right and center are choosing to stick one woman or man. Celebrities like Daddy Owen, Bob Collymore and many others decided settle down. But it seems some people are using weddings as a publicity stunt. It started with Jaguar in 2014 when he released photos on social media and everyone thought he had finally tied the knot only to realise it was all a publicity stunt. Then Akothee, who took everyone by surprise and fooled most Kenyans after she showered her social media accounts with wedding photos. Most of us took the bait considering she had earlier on announced that she will get married. But it was all a lie as the photos were from her music video ‘Yuko Moyoni’. Well, yet another celebrity has decided to jump on the wagon. Photos have been making rounds of gospel singer Bahati in a suit beside a lady in a wedding gown. Some of his friends like DJ Mo and Size took to social media to congratulate the youngin. Could this be yet another stunt by a celebrity? Only time will tell.

Tanzania’s sensational artist Ali Kiba is in a scandal for allegedly conning Kenyan singer Ksh. 1.53Million.

Tanzanian singer Ali Kiba could be in trouble if a revelation by one of the managers from his home country is anything to go by. Ali Kiba is being accused of conning among other Kenyan artistes Coast-based singer Brown Mauzo of TSh33 million (KSh1.53 million).

Kenyan artiste Brown Mauzo allegedly gave Ali Kiba Sh1.5 million to record collabo with the Tanzanian star PHOTO/ COURTESY Tanzanian weekly Risasi reports that Mauzo and other undisclosed artistes had paid Ali Kiba the amount of money so that he could record a collabo with them. But since money exchanged hands, Ali Kiba became elusive. The evasion of pursuit made a witness identified as Rajabu Salum ‘Mchafu’ – who saw Kiba being paid –, to be arrested. According to Mchafu, Mauzo and other artistes from Kenya ringed him relentlessly urging him to connect them with Ali Kiba for a collabo. “One of the Kenyan artistes is known as Brown Mauzo. He and his crew reached me on phone, saying they wanted to feature Ali Kiba in a song. I communicated their desire to Kiba who said he would only record a collabo with them after he was paid USD15, 000 (KSh1.53 million),” said Mchafu. “Mauzo and his team agreed to pay Kiba. When they came to Dar es Salaam, we met at Mlimani City. I was Kiba’s witness and Mauzo had his legal team that comprised two lawyers. After a short negotiation, they decided to go to the bank to withdraw TSh10 million (KSh465, 000). “However, before doing the transaction, they deliberated and urged me to persuade Ali Kiba to lower his threshold charge. Initially, Ali Kiba wanted a deposit of TSh32 million (KSh1.49 million), inclusive of video shoot expenses, accommodation and meals. “Ali wanted a non-Tanzanian video director, so we settled for South Africa’s Justin Campos. For the audio recording, Brown preferred Tanzanian producer Manecky, but Kiba disapproved of his choice. Kiba wanted his own Aby Daddy of Chaiderz Records. So, Kiba asked Brown to add another TSh1 million (KSh46, 000). Brown and his team got furious at the demands and left without sealing a deal with Kiba. “Kiba asked me to negotiate with them, saying the producers dues must be paid separately. I went to the hotel where they were booked in. We reached a compromise, and agreed to meet that evening to finalise the deal, which we did. I gave Ali TSh20 million (KSh930, 000) which Brown and his team had raised. They promised they would complete the balance of TSh13 million (KSh604, 000) the following day. “The following day we met at Producer Aby’s studio where Kiba, Mauzo and his team recorded audio of their new song. Mauzo and team thereafter flew back to Kenya. After a few days, Mauzo and team wanted a copy of their song. “When it was sent to them, they were not impressed by the recording, saying it did not meet their expectations and standards. “They thereafter flew back to Tanzania, demanding the audio recording be polished by producer Man Water. The files containing raw recording of the collabo were taken from producer Aby and handed to producer Man Water. “Man Water advised the song be recorded afresh. He said he will charge for his services though. I liaised with Brown Mauzo’s manager in Kenya, who sent TSh1.5 million (KSh70, 000) for the fresh recording. Brown sang his part, but Kiba did not. “However Kiba became elusive. When Brown reached him on phone he either ignored or switched off the device. When Brown finally got in touch with him, Kiba said he, on his part, cannot do a fresh recording. “When we investigated, we found out that producer Aby was paid TSh150, 000 (KSh7000) and not TSh1 million (KSh46, 000) as Ali Kiba had claimed. When Aby realised Kiba had duped him, he became demoralized and failed to give his best. After the first audio recording, Mauzo and team requested for the passport numbers of Kiba and his manager so that they could process the needed documents to go shoot a video. “When we’d look for Kiba, he’d give us excuses such as: he is not in Tanzania, and when he got back to Tanzania, he said he had a series of performances to attend. When we called him on phone, he would either deceive us or fail to pick,” said Mchafu. When Mauzo and team saw they wouldn’t get hold of Ali Kiba, they reported Mchafu to authorities and he was arrested, since he was one of Kiba’s witnesses to the deal. However, Mchafu was later released. He says he called Ali Kiba and vented at him for depicting unprofessional and socially-unacceptable behaviour. Kiba, to cover up the wound, agreed to record a collabo with Mauzo and do the video of the song on August 10. The video is supposed to be shot in South Africa. Ali Kiba was unavailable for comment. However his manager Seven Mosha has rubbished the claims, saying: “Those are just propaganda. Kiba did not con anyone.” eDaily’s attempt to reach Brown Mauzo for comment bore no fruits as his phone was switched off.

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