See Photos: ‘I Will Do Whatever I Want So Long As My Family Survives’ Says Akothee

‘Give It to me’ hit maker Akothee has come out defending her lifestyle. Akothee is well known for her no nonsense attitude and her wealthy lifestyle.
In a bold post on her Instagram, Akothee says no one has a right to speak about her journey because they don’t know her life.
She basically told her haters to back off.
”you claim I have 5 kids from different fathers & that I cant be your role model what happened to your mother & aunties , are they not role models enough or good example to you ? & with the different fathers if your father isnt in the missing list why are you concerned ?”
Madam Boss also justified why she shows off her life on social media;
”you say I show off , even you what you post I believe should be yours why not post it if you have it ? if you had what I have wont you be proud to share & let people know it can be done ? you say I post too much , is it not because you look too much ?”
Furthermore,she went on saying so long as she feeds her children and entertains her fans she could care less about the public scrutiny.

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