Thirsty much? Bridget Achieng reveals the Sauti Sol member she has always wanted to smash


Bridget Achieng has revealed her celebrity crush and the man she would have loved to settle down with in another life, if given that chance.

Speaking to Ghafla the Nairobi Diaries star revealed that she has always eyed Bien from Sauti Sol and just like most women, the lass feels that he has this ‘drive’ that keeps women on their toes.

The lady went on to say that he looks like a man who has good bedroom skills and this is why she has always wanted him.

Sauti sol's Bien

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She is however not the first woman to thirst over Bien Aime. For a while now many women have been drooling over this fella not caring that he has a girlfriend and now i hear two baby mamas.

John-Allan Namu with his wife

Anyway, when it came to settling down Bridget Achieng mentioned that she would have chosen John-Allan Namu but since he is off the shelf, all she can do is admire his characteristics on the side. Checkout the full interview below.



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